Pakistan's textile & apparel exports rise 26.05% in July-Dec '21

The value of textile and garment exports from Pakistan increased by 26.05 per cent year-on-year in dollar terms in the first six months of fiscal 2021-22. During the period, Pakistan earned $9.381 billion from textile and apparel exports, compared to exports of $7.442 billion in July-December 2020, according to data from Pakistan Bureau of Statistics.


Category-wise, knitwear exports rose by a sharp 35.21 per cent year-on-year to $2.5 billion during the six-month period, while exports of non-knit readymade garments were up 22.93 per cent to $1.831 billion.

Among textiles, cotton yarn exports increased by 52.33 per cent to $610.427 million in July-December 2021, as against exports of $400.733 million made during the corresponding period of 2020. Exports of cotton fabric also rose by 21.35 per cent and were valued at $1.134 billion during the period under review.

Bedwear exports jumped by 19.04 per cent to $1.659 billion during the six-month period, the data showed.

On the expenditure side, synthetic fibre imports shot up by 43.16 per cent year-on-year to $404.535 million, while imports of synthetic and artificial silk yarn rose 33.47 per cent to $427.599 million during July-December 2021.

Meanwhile, the value of textile machinery imports by Pakistan increased significantly by 88.24 per cent year-on-year to $434.676 million during the six-month period.

In fiscal 2020-21 ending June 30, textile and garment exports from Pakistan increased by 22.94 per cent to $15.400 billion over $12.526 billion exports in the previous fiscal. In fiscal 2018-19, the value was $13.327 billion.